It is hard to believe, my Blog is almost exactly one year old! Thank you to the generous soul who left his old computer in my compound, and thank you to my contributors, both direct and indirect, who have made this journey so interesting.

I have continued my studies diligently during this first year. I am more convinced than ever that the Bible is the best source of wisdom available on earth, but only a minority have discovered this treasure.

I remain baffled by the theory of evolution and wonder why I know of no other Chimp relations, who have had similar downloads to me, enabling them to think and write as I do. Information, such as contained in DNA, does not seem to happen by random chance. Must be that “Jumping Gene” Mr Google talks about only seems to have jumped my way so far.

KGO is the order of the day – Keep Gibbering On!                                                                                                                                                                                              



The Gibbering Chimp.

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5 thoughts on “MY BLOG IS ONE YEAR OLD!

  1. Many Happy returns of the day, Chugley. Keep on revolving, I too have ditched the ‘evolving ‘ theory. And the more I see of the human race, the more I am convinced I have made the right decision. Too many of the humans around seem to be “un-evoluting” , (is that is a word ?). Milton

    1. Thanks for your encouragement Milton, I shall continue my studies and publish the results, God willing, on my Blog as I go. I am rather a slow
      learner except when it comes to swinging through trees, I cannot help thinking I was designed for this purpose. Gibber! Gibber! Chugley

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