I noticed over the Christmas holidays that zoo visitors were more interested in their mobile phones this year than looking at us. The craze seems to have infiltrated us Chimpanzees as well. Google still explains that we are “related” to you, but the more I study, it seems to me, the less likely this is to be true.

I think I must be a result of a random “jumping gene”, (I have a partial human gene only) rather than an ongoing predictable system of “evolution”.

Only humans seem passionately convinced that evolution is true in spite of still calling it a “theory”. How convoluted is that?

Happy thinking this New Year to all my readers. Enjoy being human.

I shall continue enjoying being a Thinking Chimp who enjoys a drink!

Cheers! Gibber! Gibber!



Sometimes, sadly, I have to search for the champagne.

4 thoughts on “MOBILE MAYHEM

  1. Hi Chugley,
    I was wondering if the zoo visitors were taking “Selfies with Chugley” to see if there is any real evolutionary connection or is it just another Google “fake news” story that is being fed to all.

    1. A very good point Sydneysider. The Holiday must have sharpened your brain, being glued too a mobile phone is not for you I daresay. Fake News seems to be more common place than real news these days. I am still researching this evolution theory, and will keep you posted. I believe you can install the Bible on these mobile phones, have you heard of this? Most people at the zoo seem to take “selfies” or just seem to poke them with their fingers, a rather strange addiction. Gibber! Gibber!

  2. It seems to me the scientific community these days often treat evolution as no longer being “theory”, but a “Law”. I’m no scientist, but a Creationist friend (an astronomer with a PhD from Sydney Uni) once told me that there is a scientific law called the “Second Law of thermodynamics” which renders the idea of evolution foolish…at least the part that tells us species change for the better, and improve/evolve in complexity and effectiveness, such as from chimps (sorry you’re still back there,Chugley!) to eventually humans. That Law basically says that everything, when left on its own without intervention, will go from order to chaos or decay (entropy). This applies to everything in the Universe apparently, and can be used to explain how an intervention force for “good”…we might call that “God”, can change this deathly inevitability right now in human lives…I’m not sure chimps know much about God…maybe you’re an exception Chugley?? I have just looked at a couple of web sites on this Law that explain it fully. One informative web site you can check-out on your Keeper’s computer is –

    1. My feelings exactly expressed Paul. The more I study the more I think I am a one off freak! I don’t have many Chimp pals who also use computers, and I don’t observe many joining the local golf club either.
      A very informative website, I agree.
      Keep urging the inhabitants of earth to THINK! I believe, the more I study these questions, that they have been deceived by their own cleverness, as that wonderful old book warns…

      Gibber! Gibber!

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